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2015 Seniors Soaring Championship - Mar 16 Report

Today’s forecasts again varied considerably, with the balance of evidence coming down on the side of a weak, blue day that would die rather early.  Around launch time it was evident that this was too pessimistic: the sniffers found small cumulus clouds with decent lift to over 4000’.  Conditions continued to improve and it turned into something approaching an excellent day, blue only in the gaps between well-formed cumulus clouds near 5000’ that persisted well into the evening.

The winner was again Bif Huss, with a sparkling flight of 67 mph over 170 mi.  Bif made the long drive from his home in Colorado (he lives very close to the site of the old Black Forest Gliderport, near Colorado Springs) and feels that the effort was well worthwhile.

John Good

Posted: 3/16/2015


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