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2015 Seniors Soaring Championship - Mar 13 Report

Some 60 pilots have gathered for the 25th annual Senior Contest in central Florida.  This winter has been troublesome for nearly everyone east of the Mississippi River, and Florida is no exception – though complaints by pilots here of temperatures in the 50s and limited cross-country opportunities since December have received little sympathy from northern pilots fresh from dealing with severe cold, deep snow and serious cases of cabin fever.

But – as has frequently been the case over the past quarter-century – the Senior Contest has coincided with the year’s first stretch of good soaring weather in Florida.  During the practice period many tasks over 300 km were done, along with a few 500-km flights. Ken Sorenson (no stranger to long flights in his native Texas) had one flight that measured out at 499.98 km – just 20m short of the 500-km mark.

Today’s practice task participated in the stretch of good weather and some very commendable speeds were turned in – though it was not without challenges.  Tom Kelley had interesting adventures in his ASG-29, which included two aerotow retrieves from airfield landings. (One of the attractions of the Senior Contest task area is a generous number of friendly airfields.)   

John Good

Posted: 3/13/2015


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