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Region 4 North - Nope

We started the day with visions of ridge missions dancing in our heads.   A cold front crossed the area in the early morning, and winds began to swing around to the NW.   Alas, the cold front had a cousin which was several hours behind, and that provided us with extensive overdevelopment and chopped up lift with strong, gust winds.    We launched the entire Sports Class (most of them twice) and the Standard Class, but only a few of them stuck.    Karl Streidieck was the only one able to push up to the first (local) ridge, while everyone else fell out.   I pulled the plug at 2:45 and called it a wrap.   A few hearty souls took tows, and it looks like one or two of them may be able to connect with wave in the Hagerstown valley.   As I write this at 4 PM local, it looks like the "real" front is just about to cross our area.   

That's it for now.  

P3 (CD)

Posted: 10/18/2014


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