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Region 4 North - Day 2 Report

Today felt like a classic contest day.   We awoke to clear blue skies and a Fall nip in the air. Our intrepid weatherman confirmed that we had a good day on tap, though "not without some challenges".   The main challenge was a fairly stiff WSW wind reaching into the mid-teens.   With lift only going to about 4,000 AGL, that had the potential to make running into the wind problemmatic.  

I cooked up a task that ran mostly up/down the wind line -  Kampbell and Mittletown with large cylinders.    Concerned that conditions might be better than forecast, I moved the second turn a little further away than usual to create some challenge.    No sense in undercalling the day.  

Gates opened shortly after 1 p.m. local, and most pilots didn't wait around.    Looking at traces, several pilots pretty much maxed out the first cylinder, with a downwind run over 70mph.    Turning around, the picture changed, as the Cu and streets that marked the first leg started to fall apart.   It was a long slog into the wind, and the second leg claimed about a third of the fleet that set out.    Several of us managed to connect with decent lift by taking a circuitous route into the second turn that required going around the prohibited Camp David airspace to the west.   Even that was a tough slog, and several of the finishers reported multiple low saves.   

After I landed and handed in my trace, I polled some of the pilots hanging around the office for their thoughts on the task.   "Brutal."   "A tough slog."  "Challenging".   "You rottent bastard."     

In the end,  Erik Nelson made it two for two by winning the day in the FAI Combined.   Karl Streidieck repeated in the Sports with Shane Neitzey not far behind.    In the Standards, only Rob Dunning made it around.  

Tomorrow has the potential for some ridge flying, though there are some obvious issues with cloud and moisture.   We'll see.

P3 (CD)   

Posted: 10/17/2014


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