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Region 4 North - Close But No Cigar

After three days on the ground waiting out the weather, pilots were anxious to get back to flying.     Weatherman Richard Kellerman told us it was on the edge.   If you cobbled together the most favorable attributes of several different weather models, it was possible to see us getting in a minimal task.    However, by 1 PM there was precious little sun on the ground, and clouds were not much above the surrounding mountains.   

I finally launched P6 as the sniffer close to 1:30.  I knew it wasn't good when he asked the towplane to "turn right a bit so we can get around these clouds".     In any event, he managed to hang on just a little below tow release for about 30 minutes.  Once he landed, I launched John Seymour (SM) as Sniffer Two.   When Sniffer Two was back on the ground in short order, I decided to pack it in.   

Five guys did take tows, and four of them managed to hang on in the local area for a couple of hours.    The highlight of that flight was apparently getting some great pictures of a double rainbow - which sorta says it all about the weather.   

The good news is that we have several much drier days in store, including some likelyhood of ridge on Saturday (and Sunday for those who stick around).    

P3 (CD)

Posted: 10/16/2014


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