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Region 4 North - No Contest Day

The monster low that's sitting and spinning in the central US is still sending abundant moisture and winds our way.    Today, the combination of weak lift with relatively low bases combined with winds averaging over 25kts in the potential working band made it a relatively easy decision to cancel the day.   I briefly considered a straight downwind mission, but I figured the pain I'd have to endure wasn't worth the potential fun.  Not that far away, some folks were able to take advantage of the strong southerly winds to make some nice backside ridge flights, but Fairfield is too far away from the ridges that work with this wind direction. 

The good news is that the end of the week is shaping up to be the best weather we've seen (and will likely see ) this Fall.  With any luck, the low finally pulls away to the northeast tomorrow and gives us three more days of soaring.     

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Posted: 10/14/2014


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