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Region 4 South - Daily report

Another troubled weather day at New Castle: a low-pressure system has assembled itself off the east coast and it extends just far enough west to make problems for us.  Only a short ways further west is sun, but we have plenty of cloud and the threat of rain.  It wasn’t a “clean kill”: by noon we had breaks in the clouds, some sun, and even a few cumulus – more than enough signs of lift to be worth a try.  All gliders were gridded by 1:00 – but the sun was gone by 1:30, clouds continued to thicken, and the day had to be scrubbed.

One of the annual New Castle challenges is how to spend a week in this beautiful spot without gaining too much weight.  The Towplane Tavern serves breakfast and lunch.  Dinners are organized every night in the dining pavilion (and always preceded by an edition of Pat Buckley’s hors d’oeuvres, prepared to a standard rarely seen elsewhere). Tonight it was Low Country Boil, prepared by David Willis, with a keg of beer organized by Glen Maxwell, Commodore-for-life of the Craig Creek Yacht Club.  (The left-over shrimp and beer will be addressed at the annual Commodore’s Reception, tomorrow.) 

Posted: 9/24/2014


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