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Region 4 South - Daily report

The cold front that gave us a great ridge day yesterday unfortunately lost its sense of purpose about the time it arrived at the east coast.  Its remnants have hung around and today backed up into the New Castle task area.  Our morning forecast was for a mostly blue day of weak lift, suitable for at least a short task.  But the cloud that leaked in on us from the east spoiled this – the blue skies that would have allowed a task were visible most of the day, tantalizingly out of reach some 20 miles northwest.  We gridded and launched some sniffer flights, but these availed nothing and the day was cancelled around 2pm.

The day did not go to waste.  Al Tyler is a man of many talents and today displayed his skill as a fisherman: out of the small pond at the south end of the New Castle runway he managed to pull a 5-poung largemouth bass.  He was later seen flying one of his several electric RC models.

In spite of the thick cloud, John Seymour decided to launch.  John is heir to Kai Gertsen’s travel van, and also to Kai’s reputation as an incurable weather optimist.  Against reason, John managed a 2.5 hour flight in conditions that looked – and other launchers found to be – quite hopeless.

We had one landout yesterday: Brian Milner arrived low in the high Sinking Creek valley near New Castle, found that ridge lift was not sufficient (and that there wasn’t time to start his engine), and landed safely.  Anyone who knows this valley is impressed: the geology there is “karst” – limestone eroded by water.  As the valley’s name implies, the drainage is below ground, via many sinkholes, leaving few to no flat fields.  Several of us inspected Brian’s field today and decided it belonged in the category “just because he landed there doesn’t mean it’s possible”.


Posted: 9/23/2014


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