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Region 4 South - Daily report

Some 18 hardy souls have gathered at New Castle Virginia for the 2014 Region 4 South contest.  This is reckoned to be the 30th straight year for this contest – perhaps the longest continuous run for any US contest site ever.

The notable feature at New Castle is an impressive collection of Appalachian ridges, which act both as thermal generators (when the sun shines) and as lift producers (when the wind blows).  And blow it did today – not exceptionally strong, but enough to yield impressive distances and excellent speeds over a 4-hour task.  Some were calling it one of the best ridge days ever at a New Castle contest (which is saying a lot) – today’s combination of 100-knot speeds and reasonably smooth lift is rare.

In the 18-Meter class, Wharton Ramsey was best with 96.4 mph over 391 miles.  Greg Leslie impressed the FAI-combined class (15-Meter + Standard gliders) with 94.6 mph over 390 miles.  Greg found a somewhat tired-looking ASW-20 and put it a lot of time and effort refinishing it to a high standard.  Evidently, he knows how to make it perform.


Posted: 9/22/2014


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