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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Sat Aug 23 - No Contest Day

“There’s a fine line between being optimistic and being delusional.”

Many figured the day was an automatic wash but, similar to the last two days, there was a possibility of flying later in the day.  We woke to heavy fog in the valley but by the 10am pilot’s meeting the sky brightened, the fog lifted, and there were peeks of blue in the sky.  We gridded up.

Unfortunately, the day was not to be.  Heavy cloud cover and light rain developed and then parked over the local area, shutting down any chance to get another day in.

Jacquie called the day at 1300 and Ann Lafford closed the contest with an awards ceremony shortly thereafter.  John Seymour [SM] flies to victory in the FAI Class and George Hanke [H] claims first in Sports.  Dan Yates [FTW] received a rookie award for completing his first contest.  Dan is very enthusiastic about competition flying and we hope to see him around a lot more in coming years.

Many thanks again to Ann and Rick Lafford and all of the Finger Lakes Soaring Club.  The club is small – 30 members – but they manage to have a high turnout to help with the contest and they do a great job.  Let's do it again in two years!

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/23/2014


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