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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Wed Aug 20 - No Contest Day

This morning at breakfast SM commented, “I don’t think we should put the wings on, not even for drill.”  Well, you know what that means.  No chance of flying at all

We are sitting in calm and soupy wx, watching on the radar the rain from the southwest slowly work our way.  So grid time today is 1830 in the hangar for Chicken Dinner.  Tomorrow looks equally grim and the rest of the week depends on how the Low over Michigan tracks. 

This is a good opportunity to recognize the contest staff…

Of course, heading the list are Ann Lafford [CM] and Rick Lafford [Operations] – we would not have a contest if it were not for those two sparkplugs!

CD – Jacquie Doherty
Weather – Jim Martin [UP]
Scoring – Rick Roman
Registration – Helga Gertsen and Tim Hanke

FLSC tow pilots: Drew Ivancic, Cy Kastner, Pete Neal, Jari Wallach.  Guerry Howard from Harris Hill.   Also, Brian Glick, who flew up from Mifflin to help for a few days.

Working hard on the line are FLSC Juniors Alex Moore, Jake Smith, Kristen Blue, Rebecca Hartman as well as Dave Rauskauff and Dave Vanderlin.  Noah Reitter came up from Harris Hill for the day Tuesday to help XC and W3 and also helped on the line.

Good food is mandatory at a glider contest and Linda Evenski and Lois Shumanski are doing their usual excellent job, organizing the meals and making some great salads and desserts, with help from Helga Gertsen, Linda’s daughter Allison Brundage, Brian Glick’s friend Lisa Barner, Bo Michalowski [U], and Diane Olson [DD].

A big thanks and kudos to all!

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/20/2014


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