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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Mon Aug 18 - Contest Day 2

“I spent 2 out of 3 hours trying not to land out.  Other than that it was great.” – Erik Mann [P3]

Today started out and was expected to be similar to yesterday.  But in fact it was a weaker and much harder day.  Jim Martin [UP] and then Tim Welles [W3] were sent up to sniff.  Lift was unorganized at first, so we didn’t the launch until 1325.  This was later than planned, so the Sports task was cut from 3 to 2.5 hrs.

CD Jacquie Doherty took it easy on the Sports Class today and gave them a TAT with turnpoints surrounding the home airport, to make it easier and safer to bailout if need be (Avoca, Hannas Acres, Nunda, Jolamtra.).  And they needed to do just that as the day died early.  George and Tim Hanke [H] in the Duo Discus were the only ones to complete the task.  All but one of the remaining pilots in the class landed out at Dansville.

The FAI Class had a bolder task: a 3 hr TAT southwest to Arrowhead Bay, down to Corning-Painted Post and then back west to Perry-Warsaw, all with 15 mi circles.  The general consensus at the end of the day was that a 2.5 hr task would have been perfect, as most of them just kissed the last circle and squeaked home.  But SM declared that “Kai [Gertsen, KI] would have proud that we took advantage of the whole day".  Andy Gough [44] was one of the few guys to not have something bad to say about his flight, and wins the day.  Sergei Morozov [MS] is still holding onto first place but not by much.

We ended the day with a pizza and salad dinner here at the airport.  We’ve been enjoying very pleasant and cool evenings so far this week!

One other item of note is the wide range of ages flying this contest.  The youngest pilot here, Dan Yates [FTW], is 25 and our oldest pilot, Bill Nockles [Y1], is 87.  Bill, that all pilots could be as lucky and blessed as you to be flying at that age!

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/18/2014


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