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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Sun Aug 17 - Contest Day 1

Today was a beautiful summer day, and the flying?...Well, it was good and except when it wasn’t.

We woke to gray skies and drizzle, but by mid-morning the NW winds picked up, bringing cooler, drier air.  At the 1300 launch we had cloud streets around the clock and some were starting to second guess the decision to wait until early afternoon to start flying.  That thinking turned out to be a bit optimistic. 

Both tasks kept pilots running along the wind line.  The FAI task was a 3 hr TAT to Corning-Painted Post (15mi), Alfred (10 mi), Perry-Warsaw (10mi), Avoca (10mi).  The Sports task took a similar but shorter track: a 2.5 hr TAT to Jolamtra (15mi), Alfred (7mi), and Perry-Warsaw (15mi).

The weather was largely as forecast: temps in the mid-70s, 4000-5000ft cloudbase, and average 3 kts lift.  But the clouds were not particularly honest and pilots found it all too easy to lose hard-earned altitude.  There were several landouts in the Sports Class, mostly early in the day on the first or second legs of the task.  All the FAI guys made it back, but pretty much everyone had stories of a low save (or two).

Sergei Morozov [MS], new to flying Dansville, won the FAI class with an actual/handicapped speed of 58.41/48.86 mph over 178.67/149.47 miles.  Only four pilots in the Sports class completed the task with George Hanke [H] taking the top position (38.03/33.89 mph over 94.12/83.77 miles).

Rachel Conklin and Rob Tarnoczy, both from Valley Soaring and working summer ops at Harris Hill, visited today and spent the afternoon on not one - but two - retrieves.  Thanks for your help, Rachel and Rob!

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/17/2014


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