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Region 3 Soaring Contest - Sat Aug 16 - Practice Day

Greetings from Dansville, NY, site of this year’s Region 3 contest!

There was a little bit of sun this morning, but most of the day the sky was overcast with strato-crud and temperatures were unseasonably cool.  Every contestant took a tow but flew locally, and Last Man Down became the task for the day.  John Seymour [SM], who has flown here since he was a teenager, was up for 4 hours and outlasted the second-to-last guy, Tim Welles [W3], by an hour and a half.

Our hosts, Finger Lakes Soaring Club, welcomed us this evening with an appetizer-wine-beer party.  And, of course, FLSC’s mascot -  the flamingos - were out in force!

It’s raining steadily right now, but the front to the north of us is expected to move through the area quickly.  We’re ready to race!  There are 20+ pilots registered and when you look at the names on the scoresheet, I think you'll agree that we are in for a good competition.

Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/16/2014


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