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Region 9 North - 6th day ......

Sorry for the silence but we have been swamped.  

Friday was tough when the weather blew up in the SE area of the task.  We had 12 landouts, 2 in fields and 10 at airports.   

Saturday is the final day of the contest and it appears that we will have 6 straight days of racing.  Task has been uploaded to the SSA site and can be seen via the tracking system.

3.5 hours, minimum, for Sport and 18M

3.0 hours minimum for FAI combined.

The difference in time has to do with launch order and the soaring day starting later then previous.  Same task for all classes

Turn Area Task
ID Name Distance (Miles) Radius
2 02 W Start 0.00 5.0
10 10 BeaverMun 106.93 20.0
21 21 CrcktMtns 156.13 20.0
81 81 WhitePnPk 197.90 15.0
3 03 FINISH 258.71 2.0

Distance (Miles)- 258.71 Min: 183.51, Max: 352.8

Staying in western part  of the tasking area due to weather.

Will update later when able

Posted: 8/9/2014


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