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Region 10 South - Day 3

Today started typical for SE Texas with blue skies filling in with cu's. Ken called a 3 hr MAT with 8 madatory turns, which made for an AST for most. It was a fun but challenging day with 5 land-outs in Sports class and 100% completions in FAI. The day did not quite live up to the SE TX conditions for early August, with the day ending early around 5 pm.

Sports saw TS1 go around 7 of the assigned turns for a win and FC did all 8 for a win in FAI.

The pool was sparsely populated as many of the hard core were out picking up the land-outs.

Dinner was awesome with pasta and chicken by Rhonda Tyler, with green beans, and a great ice cream assortment compliments of Joan Lazar.

Posted: 8/6/2014


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