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Region 10 South - Day 2

Region 10S - Day 2 Report

Today started off with a completely sunny and clear sky with not a hint of clouds, but by the 10 am pilots meeting cu’s were forming in all quadrants. The only fly in the ointment was the juicy atmosphere that was forecast to produce scattered showers and thunderstorms by 4 pm. The CD and task advisors selected a modest 4 turn TAT to keep everyone close and offer a lot of wiggle room in case of storms. By launch time the juicy sky was quickly overdeveloping and the CD scaled back the task to a 1.5 hr MAT with Navasota as the first and only mandatory turn. It was soft with many pilots reporting a real hard time to get above tow release so the task was welcome relief to the late starters. There was a distinctive line of dry air to the north and by 2 pm some nice streeting developed which enabled the day’s winners to post some respectable speeds. Shack Roberts took the FAI class with 63.36 mph raw (53.54 mph HCP) to take over the cumulative lead in that class.


Team flying by Tony Smolder and Randy Hollenberg lead to a 1st and 2nd place for the day, moving both up in the cumulative scores to 1 and 2.


There were no land-outs and everyone was back by 4pm to enjoy a mini gust front from the dying storms to the east, with no rain at the field. The pool again proved popular with the water now approaching 80 degrees with 2 sunny days of 90+ temps.


A wonderful baked potato bar was the dinner venue and if you went away hungry it was because you didn’t go back for seconds, which was bountiful.


We celebrated the 1000 tow for one of our tow pilots, Tom Grubbs and it was a nice thing that he towed the winning Sports class pilot!


Another great note of today is that a newly minted XC pilot and volunteer – Jim Jackson flew the task in the club PW-5 after helping launch the fleet.


Great thing is we get to do it again tomorrow!



Tony Smolder


Posted: 8/5/2014


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