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Region 10 South - Day 1

8H, Al Tyler was officially inducted as an honorary SCOH mowing team member for his hours of mowing-zen time following his win on the practice day. 

CD, Ken Sorenson launched the fleet into a blue sky filled with billowing cu's and a gentle northeast wind.  The launch crew managed their task in just 50 minutes.  The FAI Combined and Sports class have the same task today:  a three hour TAT from SCOH to Gibonney Creek, Somerville, Bellville, Navasota and return.  There is a possibility of late afternoon thunderstorms, so most left the area immediately.  The radio is quiet, so the ground crews are hoping for task completions prior to the red beans and rice feast being prepared by LX crew, Linda Murray.


Region 10S - Day 1 Report

Today started off with complete cloud cover with humid, cool conditions. One competitor remarked that it was looking like a no contest day, but by the time of pilots meeting some blue sky was visible between the low scud. Just like Uvalde the clouds thinned into nice cumulus and the sniffer reported 3 kts to 3.5K at 12:30 so the launch was on. It was good with a hint of OD in forecast – which was not what happened. The smart play was an early start as the atypical blue out occurred on the 4th leg, which slowed down the speeds by 5 mph or more in some cases. Ken called a 3hr TAT (see the scores for task) and it proved a good, but challenging call for all.


In the end all but one made it back for a finish and the pool saw a new record bodies in, soon to be eclipsed tomorrow!


Congrats to Joe Shepherd and Mike Brooks for FAI and Sports class wins!





Tony Smolder


Posted: 8/4/2014


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