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Region 10 South - Practice Day

Region 10S - Practice Day Report

Starting on Thursday contestants started arriving at the beautiful and thanks to the very generous rains - green Soaring Club of Houston for the 2nd annual Region 10S competition. Contestants came from afar with John and Linda Murray driving from Ohio, Al and Rhonda Tyler from Perry, SC and the long distance driving winner Mamud Takallu (Matt) driving in from the Tidewater club in Virginia. The CD, Ken Sorenson called a short practice task on Friday for the early arrivers and though the day started late the sky was cu filled with unheard of temperatures in the 70’s in the late afternoon. The contest manager Michelle Sorenson even was seen with a long sleeve shirt as dusk approached. Saturday we all awoke to a total overcast with low scud and temperatures that resembled New England instead of south Texas. The cool weather was not wasted and with the prolific grass growth the mowers were put to use to groom the grid for Sunday’s official practice day.


Now on to Sunday….


Sunshine and blue skies greeted the early risers and by the 10am pilots meeting cu’s were dotting the sky with a slight hint of over development on the mind of Ken. A short pilots meeting saw about half the contestant’s in attendance and a grid time of noon was set. The task was a nice 3 turn TAT to take advantage of the variable conditions that could occur with forecast showing od and showers by early afternoon. An awesome crew launched the 20 ships in 55 minutes with only 2 tow planes. Bases started low but by the time the task opened, 3.5K MSL with some 3 to 4 kt climbs were reported. It was a short task – after all it is the practice day - with most of the fleet streaming back for finishes around 4pm. OD was not a factor, but some holes developed that slowed down the fleet and greatly reduced the winning speeds. Thanks to Shack Roberts - our good friend, contestant, club member and a believer of the South African tradition of ending the day in a swimming pool we were treated to a 1000 gallon pool located in the grass off the clubhouse porch. This popular addition to the contest made a long days flight that much more enjoyable. While some enjoyed the pool, Al Tyler took it upon himself to jump on the club mower and knock down some of the high grass that seems to be growing an inch a day!


The day wound down with a great BBQ by Robert Saucedo with much help by countless others. What a great thing we have in the many volunteers who give of their time so we can race. Thanks from many appreciative racers!


Practice days scores are posted.



Tony Smolder


Posted: 8/3/2014


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