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Sports Class Nationals - Day 4 F1 Report

The morning weather guess was for 4000 feet at the start and 6000 feet later. Those both came true! Lift was strong too, when you could find it. Unfortunately most of us struggled in between the strong climbs so average speeds suffered a bit.

The task was a 4 hour TAT, first west to Pecan Plantation, then Northwest to Mineral Wells, South to Hamilton and back to TSA through Maypearl. Circles were set to allow for the range in expected speeds.

I think the first leg was a struggle for most as we worked west into better soaring conditions. I had a few low points and took some comfort in seeing other gliders at my altitude along the way. Many pilots found that the conditions were best past Mineral Wells and most of them went to the back of that circle. No one complained too much about the run south either, I know I had a good run on that leg. Just when I think most of us thought that we had solved all the puzzles for the day, we had one more. Lake Whitney was creating an impressive blue hole and pretty much all of us were downwind of the lake. Some pilots were already high and just had to glide across. Some of us had to take weak lift at the edge of the hole to get enough to make it over. Either way it was a common experience for all the pilots at the clubhouse. The lift on the other side of the lake was good and we had no landouts today although several of us were way over time. At least two pilots were on task over 5 hours. Danny Sorenson (KMI) was a late starter and stayed out late, finally finishing and landing at 6:45. I think he used the last thermal of the day to make it home.

The weather the next few days is looking better each day so we should see some more big tasks and big miles racked up as we close out the contest. Stay tuned!


Posted: 7/21/2014


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