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Air Sailing Sports Class - Air Sailing Sports Class Day Four

Air Sailing Sports Class Day Four

Thursday worked out well as the rest day but we still didn't get rain at Air Sailing. My group went to see the latest "Apes" movie and enjoyed it.

The winner today was Robert Mercier, once again. We are getting serious now because there is only one day remaining. Bob, with 3,852 points, leads JJ, who has 3693 points. Kerry Richards is in third with 3422 points.

The day had a forecast of build ups to the south of US 50 and OD over the Sierras later in the day. I called a 2.5 hour TAT with Yerington (25 mile radius), Hotsprings (15 mile radius), and Flanigan (10 mile radius). The ten mile radius at Flanigan was iffy at the end of the day and all but two ships made it. All aircraft landed back at Air Sailing today.

There was a build up to the west of the Dogskins at the end of the day which threatened Air Sailing with shadow and a threat of rain that never reached us, but it was dark and scary. The dark part killed some lift and the scary part made it look like a fun house experience. We never got gusts out of it.

Hang on for tomorrow. It will be a short task so that the pilots can get back early for supper. I hear lots of ice cream is on order!

Congratulations to NV for showing us all that we can go faster!

Lee Edling CD

Posted: 7/18/2014


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