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Air Sailing Sports Class - Air Sailing Sports Class Day Three

Day three at the Air Sailing contest started with promise. Then we started to notice smoke in the air and some people could even smell it. Yes, dear readers, we had a brush fire in the area. Darn and double darn. It wasn't long before they posted a TFR to the west of Reno/Stead. We had already planned a 2.5 hour TAT where we were only worried about the weather. By the time we launched the sniffer, Terry Lowe, I had made up my mind that if the smoke got any worse that I would cancel the day. It didn't get any worse or better and the visibility stayed at 10 or 15 miles.

We got everybody into the air but with the restriction to visibility, we decided to change to a 1.5 hour MAT with good old number 9, Constantia, as the first turn point. Guess what? The same pilot who won yesterday on a Constantia MAT won today. Robert Mercier again flew his Duo Discus to victory visiting 7 turn points after Constantia with an actual speed of 87.84 mph. Smokin' hot!

Robert has moved into first place overall with 2,852 points.

Russell Holtz came in second today and JJ Sinclair was third.

The cumulative score shows JJ in second and Kerry Richards in third.

Thursday is our rest day. Friday we will start again without the threat of rain or smoke (think positive).

Lee Edling CD

Posted: 7/16/2014


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