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Sports Class Nationals - Day 2 F1 Report

Good evening racing fans,

Today was a tricky day in Texas. The morning weather showed that Cirrus approaching from the NW would be the primary issue. There was also a 20% chance of scattered thunderstorms.

We started the launch right at noon in order to allow us time to get the task in before it shut down. We were able to stay up although cloudbase was barely 3000 AGL. Most pilots quickly encountered trouble at the first circle when the last good cu ended 5 miles from the edge of the circle. This resulted in a few landouts. There was no direct route available from the first to second circle so most pilots came back to the east, tip toeing untl they got to a good line of clouds for a fast run south.

The last circle had its own challenges, notably a line of storms that had formed and washed out a lot of the area. This dead area also claimed a few pilots. In the end, local Omri Kalinsky (11H) won the day in Club and took the lead and Ken Sorenson kept up his consistent winning ways and took Modern.

Tommorow is looking like a rain day, maybe Friday too. We look forward to good soaring conditions returning once this system passes through.

Posted: 7/16/2014


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