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Air Sailing Sports Class - Air Sailing Sports Class Day Two

Day two has been scored and a Duo Discus came in first. Bob
Mercier was the pilot in NV who collected 1,000 points for the day with a
speed of 84.16 mph logging 9 turn points before the finish.
JJ Sinclair remains in first place overall.

Air Sailing is thirty miles north of Reno and JJ and Matt thought the
task should be a MAT to the south along the I-80 and US 50 area, so
we launched with a 2.5 hour MAT in mind. Dave swoboda (call sign Vulture)
was our sniffer in the NSA ASW-19. The lift wasn't great for JJ and Matt where they were but Vulture found lift on the Petersons, the ridge that runs north out of
Reno/Stead and he was at 14,000 feet. We changed the task to a 2 hour MAT
with the first turn point at Constantia which is just west of 395 north of
Reno. There was overdevelopment southeast of Carson City and that was
another factor that moved the start of our task to the north.

Kerry Richards remains in third place.

Everybody made it home today.  One of the USAFA birds  had a recorder failure during his flight so that lowered his score.

We will have to check the weather in the morning to see what the next couple of days will bring. We would like to fly tomorrow with a rest day on Thursday.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who are helping at the contest! We couldn't
do it without you!

Lee Edling CD

Posted: 7/15/2014


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