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Sports Class Nationals - Day 1 F1 Report

Good evening racing fans. Today we got the Nationals off to a start. The weather was a bit of a trick for task setting and after the morning meeting the updated forecasts showed we would have cu early, which came true. Cloudbase was a bit lower than we would've liked but about as forecast, with 4000 ft cloudbase at the time the Club task opened. Cirrus passing over the area did cause some trouble as expected and later in the day the dewpoints dropped and the area blued out from north to south which caused some trouble for many pilots on the last leg. Some big diversions were needed to stay with the clouds and get back to the field.

Club Class was cut back to a 2:30 task as a result of the Cirrus moving in. Modern had already been opened with 3 hours. Several landed out in both classes, including yours truly who found a nice cut wheat field just inside the first circle. Most, however, landed out on the way home from the final turnpoint.

Current weather guesses are showing a soarable day tomorrow and then thunderstorms Wedensday night through Thursday night. Talk to you in the morning!


Posted: 7/15/2014


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