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Region 10 North - Day 3.2 Afternoon

Well the launch went pretty well with a short pause between Club and Low Performance to try to let conditions develop. Club opened at 3:53 and Low Performance at 4:35, after pilots reported tops of climbs in the hihg 4000 and low 5000 foot range. I thought it was really going to pop but about the Low Performance task opened just as about 3 or 4 pilots landed.

By 5 PM, all the other pilots are back on the ground. The day just didn't develop well enough to inspire anyone to set out. Jerry Boone (ABB) was the only one to call a start but he was shortly back to the airport.

Bill Snead is the Club Class Champion with Steve Michalik 2nd. Jerry Boone wins Low Performance with Matt Michael 2nd. Congratulations to all the pilots who all put in a lot of effort this week to fly their best.

Off to the awards banquet...Ruth Holliday has arrived with the bicycle powered ice cream maker, which is turning into a Sunflower tradition. No complaints here!

Posted: 7/11/2014


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