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Region 10 North - Day 2 Afternoon

The launch went off without a hitch again. A few relights but most pilots found lift. Matt Michael (WBY), flying the Woodstock, was one of the first launchers and reported 400 fpm to 5000 feet. There was no delay on opening the gate!

Some Cirrus that was fairly heavy in places to the west and southwest caused some concern on the grid, especially for the Low Performance Class who were originally tasked to Pratt and Harper. After some consideration, I decided to change the Low Performance task to use Great Bend and Pratt. This would help keep them in clearer skies and also they're route would more parallel the Club task which was not changed.

Both tasks are on 3:30 minimum times. I think almost everyone has started. So now we wait.

This morning 3 pilots were recognized for successfully and safely performing their first off airport landings. They were Charlie Hill (6W1) who landed out on the practice day and Rafael Soldan (K) and Lou Chouinard (JH) who landed out yesterday. Bill Snead (6M) used his winning speech to talk about the strategy of thinking about the hours ahead of you when planning your flight and especially planning the final glide as the day is dying. That was a critical skill yesterday as many pilots landed out around 6:15, just one thermal from home.

Matt Gonitzke (6M) was the winner in Low Performance. Matt is a new XC pilot in the club here with a beautiful Standard Austria SH-1. His strategy was simple. Get high stay high and make it back. It's tried and true and it works. He just nicked the circles and came in under time, but that was the exact right strategy for the day.

Tonights dinner is a fundraiser for the Sunflower Soaring Foundation's scholarship program. More news later!

Posted: 7/9/2014


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