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Region 10 North - Day 2 Morning

Good Morning!

The retrieves last night were generally uneventful. I think we had two pilots make their first career landouts, Rafael Soldan (K) and Lou Chouinard (JH). Many chose nice, fresh cut wheat stubble fields, NG1 landed in soft dirt, and the duo of ABB and WBY (Duster and Woodstock) landed in a beautifully manicured fresh cut alfalfa field. The owners of that field said that it had been used as a runway but their plea for an airport bonus was denied!

Todays weather is probably the easiest of the contest. Clear skies this morning so there will not be a late start to thermal development. Trigger expected at Noon so we should get everyone in the air by 1 and out on task. The tasks are both 3.5 hour TAT's.

Club is going to Great Bend out to the Northwest, then due south to Medicin Lodge and back home. Nominal distance is enough to allow for a diamond goal if the pilots so choose. They might have to stay out late to achieve that but we expect the day to work until at least 6 PM.

Should have light winds out of the south all day. No Cu again but probably a little stronger and maybe a little higher lift than yesterday.

I may even try to go flying this afternoon, today has the potential to be the best day of the week.

Posted: 7/9/2014


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