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Region 10 North - Day 1.2 Update

And they're off!

The high overcast stayed around much longer than we expected. We spent two hours on the grid tantalized by a few cu out to the north in the sunshine. Bill Snead offered to sniff at 2:15 under overcast skies and found a few bumps and reported the sunshine was just north of Hutchinson. The edge started to get close to Sunflower so I called for a 3 PM launch and then pushed back to 3:15. Considered pushing back further but the front 3, Pete VonTresckow (5D), Andrew Peters (3T), and Rafael Soldan (K) thought they could stay up so they launched. Lift was found and within a half hour the entire grid was up thanks to an excellent job by our tow pilots and ground crew.

Club opened at 3:47 and most if not all are already on course. Low Performance opened at 4:01 and many of them are on course. Based on the time to start for the last few, climb rates must be very good and there are a few clouds out there still.

Both classes are still on 2.5 hour tasks so we expect finishers in the 6:30 - 7 PM time frame.

More later!!

Posted: 7/8/2014


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