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Region 10 North - Practice Day 2 Morning

Good Morning! It's a beautiful day here at sunflower with south winds and clear skies. We expect the wind to die down today and for the temperatures to shoot UP! We'll be pushing 100 F today and tomorrow. The reward for working in the heat will be excellent soaring conditions, with lift expected to 8000 feet later this afternoon.

Almost everyone has arrived and all the pieces are falling into place. We should have a good flying day today and be ready to start the contest off with a great day tomorrow.

The last wheat field around the airport was harvested yesterday. Normally all the fields in this area are cut before the 4th of July but this year was running a little behind due to the large rains we got in June. No significant rain in sight for the upcoming week though so the pilots are excited.

In Low Performance we have a range of gliders flying from a 1-26 to Standard Austria SH-1. In between we have a Woodstock, 2 Dusters, 2 or 3 PW-5's, 2 Ka-6's, and a BG-12. Unfortunately no Carbon Fiber this year :( Most of the pilots in this class are pretty new to cross country soaring and flying contests. Most of them also flew in our contest last year that unfortunately was blown out. They are excited to have a place to fly their lower performance gliders over friendly terrain in a welcoming environment.

In Club we have a good mix of experience as well as new pilots. A couple are pilots who have "moved up" after flying in Low Performance last year. I'm seeing 2 Libelle's, 2 Std. Cirri, PIK-20E, and LS-3A. Ron Rose is flying as a guest in his ASH-26E.

Talk to you later this morning after we have some tasks set!

Posted: 7/6/2014


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