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Nephi Utah OLC/Cross Country Camp - Final Recap From B4

It was sad to say goodbye to so many old and new soaring friends over the last day.  We had an amazing 8 days soaring, hanging out, eating and getting sunburned.  The pilots were first class and did a great job flying at a new location and airport.  Yes, 65+ gliders flying from the same airport!!! Who knew? :) 

Three things made this possible. First, Nephi is a great location with big skies. The most people in a single gaggle I heard of all week long was only 5 gliders!  Impressive. Second, the PowerFlarms really are that good! It was great to hear all the positive reports from pilots who were new to this great life-saving device. Three, the pilots worked hard to work together on takeoffs, relights, and landings. They really did a great job.

Finally, our CD Ron Gleason is a pro! He and the rest of our team of volunteers did a bang up job of helping all our guests have as good of a soaring experience as mother nature would give us. Congrats to the dozen or so pilots who flew over 750km at least one day this week and to Ramy who did the first documented 1000km flight out of Nephi. It was so fun that 8-9 of us are staying behind to fly here together one more day. :) Till our Region 9 North contest here in Nephi the first week of August. Bruno - B4

Posted: 7/5/2014


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