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Nephi Utah OLC/Cross Country Camp - July 4th mid-afternoon report

Happy Independence Day!  High hopes and desires for July 4th here in Nephi.

Weather forecast calls for high cloud bases, potential OD south of Richfield and around Parowan.  Task defined for the day 02Start (5 miles max 10K MSL) , 26Emery South fields (20 miles), 18CarbonCountyRegional (20 miles), 22Delta Muni (25 miles) and 03 Finish (1 mile 500 ft AGL min) 

Goals of 300K's, 500K's, 750K's and even 1000K's declared.  Currently CX (Bob Ferris) is in NV south of Ely!

55 tows in 2 hours.  Sky looks great, CB  reported at 14.8K in area of the start.

Make sure to watch the tracking from the SSA website, more than 40 pilots using SPOT and/or DeLorme.

Posted: 7/4/2014


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