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15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - end of task thoughts about the call

"Wonderful call.  It would have been more wonderful had they left out Dry Lake! Seriously the 2nd time to Dry Lake wasn't too bad.  Clouds lined up nicely today." 7V Ray Gimmey

"Good call.  I had to shift gears a little today.   But the MAT set up like a speed task the way it was called."  TT Tim Taylor

"Fun.  A little too far south out of the convergence line, but a good call.  I doubt I won the day, but I think I did OK." F8 Bill Gawthrop

Last days are always bittersweet. There are too many people to thank.  This was a well run contest by a veteran crew.  The addition of Dale Bush as CD with his local knowledge and skills cannot be emphasized enough.  Team Mayes is awesome and professional.  Everyone wore multiple hats and it was a smooth machine.  What a treasure of a contest site.

posted by Leigh

Posted: 7/3/2014


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