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Nephi Utah OLC/Cross Country Camp - Early evening Thursday 7/3

Another mixed day at Nephi, UT.  Slow to get going but once the sniffer started climbing thorugh 9K at 12:45 the early group piled on.  Tows started  to the east over the town of Nephi UT where the sun was shining.  Stopped launch a couple of times when conditions got soft.  The tow pilots are doing a great job finding the best lift for the pilots.

Launched 54 gliders in 2.5 hours that included 7 relights.

Thunderstorms were scattered around the area and walls of virga were also experienced.  At 6:30 pm we have 5 land outs, 3 at airports and 2 fields all ppilots and gliders are fine.

Waiting for the 'OLC hogs' to make it back.

Posted: 7/3/2014


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