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15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - AM Wx.

Today's soarable wx. should begin fairly early with excellent conditions providing good cumulus with bases around 12,000 over the western contest area and 2,000 to 3,000 ft. higher to the east.  Thermal strengths should be 6-8 knots.  There is a possibility of thunderstorm activity in the contest area from mid afternoon until the end of the day.  Safety finish rules were therefore reviewed during the am briefing.  Our tasks (A&B) today are designed to get us across the valley into the eastern area where we will do most of the flying today.  Both tasks A&B are TATS with max time 3.5 hr. with provision to reduce the time in 1/2 hr. increments if appropriate.

posted by Leigh

Posted: 7/2/2014


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