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15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - End of task thoughts about the call

“Great! Can’t say enough about the choice of the call.  Dale Bush with his experience of the area and knowledge of the people flying, decided on task Bravo.  It was a good move given the difficulties of getting folks launched as it was not as good that he expected it to be at noon.  I don’t have a lot of competition experience, but the calls here have given me the opportunity to compete and for the really top guys to have big results.”  HH1 Patrick McLaughlin

“Good task.  Mother Nature cooperated by giving us 17,000 ft. to get across the valley, good conditions for most of the course and she even made it a little difficult to get home.”  7V Ray Gimmey

“Excellent call!  Cloud bases were over 17,000 ft. with some extremely good lift, but also with some good opportunities to get low!”  YO Dave Nadler

Today was “wicked hot” on the ground in Montague.  I cannot say enough about the efforts and dedication of the ground crew for this contest.  2 more days-hang in there with us, guys!

posted by Leigh


Posted: 7/1/2014


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