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15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - AM Wx.

Today's wx. should be quite good for a change.  Thermal activity is forecast to reach 11,000 ft by noon, good cu should be present over Marble Mts. by 2pm.  The eastern task area will provide thermal tops to 16,000 to 18,000 ft. Winds are light and southerly.  There is a chance for very high based, isolated T-storms late in the day in the Mt. Shasta area.  The task  will take pilots over to the west side of contest area at the start but then proceed to the far eastern edge.  The task is about as large as the Montague area can contain in anticipation of the potential for 100 mph task speed.


Yesterday's 15 M winner was Daniel Sazhin, BT.

Daniel Sazhin is flying this contest in Bill Thar’s Duckhawk SV.  He’s been flying since the age of 11, but seriously since he was 15.  Daniel is 20 years old and a rising junior at Pace University,  which is located on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.  He is studying marketing.

I told Daniel that we had thought he would fly in Minden also, but he and Bill, who is crewing for him, said that after flying Mifflin, they decided not to do back to back contests, but come early to Montague after spending some time in Bend, Oregon, where the Duckhawk is manufactured.

Yesterday, Daniel won the day, besting the next pilot by 6mph.  Daniel’s success yesterday, according to him, was that he found good lift at Duzel and just flew smart to different turns, returning to Duzel . He started a little late and after his first lap had all the lift marked on his ClearNav.  This race course worked well for him on a day that according to him didn’t develop as predicted.  He thought the call was a good one and the time allotted just right.

Daniel was one of the original sniffers who fell out early.  He kept his water ballast however, and only dumped 2 min. worth out on course.  

A gracious young man, Daniel will be one to follow in future contests.

posted by Leigh



Posted: 7/1/2014


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