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Nephi Utah OLC/Cross Country Camp - Monday Day 1 (but really day 4)

We are here! Yes all 65 of us!!! :)  We sent out an email a few weeks ago that said there might be tows available a few days early if anyone wanted to show up. And show up they did.  Today, Monday is our first official day but somehow on Friday we towed 13 gliders, Saturday 36 gliders, Sunday 46 gliders and that is even before our very first practice day!

People have listened when we say Nephi is something special and it is fun to see them come and see for themselves. It has been bluing out over the last few days and today there were only a few clouds here and there.  Most pilots decided to take a rest day because they had already flown a day or two and today looks to be the weakest xc potential of the entire event.

The forecast is for decreasing winds aloft and increasing clouds. We still expect to have some fantastic xc weather to do some big flights. We hope for many pilots to have their best/longest/farthest flights of their lives this week.  Stay tuned!

Yes - we are handling 65 gliders. That said, a few taxi lights have been sacrificed...

Bruno - B4

Event Manager

Posted: 6/30/2014


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