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15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - End of task thoughts about the call

“Fine.  Timing of task was good….it is starting to dry out and they are falling out a bit.”  SN Steve Northcraft

 “Brilliant call by the task committee(Walt is a member of the task committee).  It was much better than expected; started slow and I wanted to go across valley.  After Duzel, I got Weed and then back and forth on the mts. to the east. “  NT Walt Cannon

 “I rolled the dice and went east and ended up working a lot more thermals that I should have, but I made it back so I don’t think I hurt myself.  It was good to bump up to 2.5hr, but 3 may have been pushing it.  I flew with no water today.” F8 Bill Gawthrop

Most pilots landed back on the crosswind runway with 10-12knot, gusting to 18 winds from the west.  Once again, the stellar ground ops performed exquisitely.  Thanks guys.

posted by Leigh


Posted: 6/27/2014


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