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15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - End of task thoughts about the call

“We weren’t zapped with the cirrus as expected, but a good call.  Whenever I get home I’m happy and at peace.  Soaring is flying lifted to a new spiritual high.” 711 Tom Kelley whose max altitude today was not over 10,000 ft.

 “Great call.  It was a little soft after the 2nd turn, but had a choice of Duzel or China, then cloud streets for the rest of the day.” 1CR Craig Reinholt whose max altitude was 11,500 ft.

 “Good call; we had fun.  We went to R Ranch and were a little slow so we came back south and stayed in the valley, which I think most folks did.”  JOY Mike Robison whose max altitude for the day was 12,500 ft.  Tom Stepleton is flying JOY with Mike.

 The mood at the end of the day was good and pilots seems to be happy to have Day 1 under their belts.  I forgot to mention the nice touch this morning in the Day 1 pilot briefing; the National Anthem!  Good call, Noelle.

 Tomorrow’s forecast is for clouds and 50-60 percent change of rain and a high of 73.  Stand by for more in the am.

 Posted by Leigh

Posted: 6/24/2014


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