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Region 2 North - Contest Overview by K21

R2N finished up on Saturday with a challenging day that saw weather not good enough for Bus and marginal but safe for Sports. Bus was cancelled and Sports got the fall back 1 turn MAT. Completions were the poorest of the contest. Daniel Zelek won his first day ever - well done.
We ended with a number of notable and memorable accomplishments:
- Lowest key contest ever - not one raised voice except in praise. The contest organization, consisting of local and imported help never missed a beat all week.
- 3 excellent picnic meals put on by volunteers.
- 3 new pilots and one second year pilot got their first race finishes: Chuck Waldo, Warren Cramer, Peter Teuber, and Niv Levy.
- 4 first time day winners: Warren Cramer, Daniel Zelek, Paul Seifried, and John Yorston flying for ACA.
- A new regional winner- Paul Seifried.
- Rookie of the year was Warren Cramer, followed by Chuck Waldo. Both came second in their class in their first contest 
- And last but not least, even with very difficult conditions many days, we did not put so much as a scratch on a glider.
Thanks to all the workers and helpers.
We'll do it again next year. Hope to see you then.
- K21 (Uncle Hank)

Posted: 6/21/2014


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