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Region 2 North - Last Day - Crew Report


It is truly sad to be leaving after another great week at the Wurtsboro Airport.

Out of all the fun things we did this week my favorites were driving the golf carts, driving Richard's (also known as Tato's) car, running the tow ropes, helping my dad rig, playing with the airport dogs Guinevere and Maggie, and most of all having s'mores by the campfire with Tony my long lost best friend who I see once a year, my brother Riley, and Dan the mechanic and his brother Joel.

For most of the pilots the day begins with rigging before the pilots' meeting, but for us kids the day begins after they finally launch! We go on an adventure trying to decide what to order for lunch and hang out at the hangers watching Netflix! Some days there is more adventures like flying with Dan on aero retrieves, and touching clouds in the ultralight! Not to mention I was finally in the exact position, thanks to a radio, to catch a wingtip as a glider rolled to a stop. (THE PERFECT CREW!)

Coming to R2N is one of the highlights of my summer. The only bad part this year was not hanging out with my dad's best friend Nikola (also known as Nickel.) Anyone who has free time this summer should go to Wurtsboro Airport for a great time.

Ryah Dezzutti

Posted: 6/21/2014


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