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Region 9 - REGION NINE CONTEST-19 June

Thursday, 19 June: let’s give it a go!!! Once again the morning looked good, but we have fallen for that before.  Having this thought in hand, or should I say on their minds, our intrepid aviators marched off to the pilot’s briefing.  After a weather briefing that had all the promises of a good soaring day, we all made ready for a competition day, our second of the contest.  The task for the day was a North start, followed by a turn over State Road 55, with a 30 mile circle, then on to Vaughn, with another 30 mile circle and then a push to home station. 


One thing that was different about today was that Capt Mitch Hudson was here resting before deploying to Afghanistan.  Mitch chose to assist the contest and act as our sniffer for the day (yeah, like he was going to turn down a free tow). Mitch worked the air mass and finally called back with “get em up” and contest day two launched.  Well, all the aircraft launched with only one relight so the CD turned them loose. 


All the racers commented on what a great task it was and that interesting cloud streets kept them on their toes as well as led them down interesting tracks.  In the Standard Class Bif Huss (H7) grabbed the 1000 points which put him in second place for the contest.  Randy Acree (AV8) took a second place which kept in first place for the contest.  Third place for the day and third place for the contest was Colin Barry (Y).


Sports Class first place for the day was Bob Holiday (5W).  This first place finish moved him up to fourth overall after not scoring on the first day.  Second place for the day and first overall for the contest was Bob Faris (CX) with Eric Liddell (VA) taking third for the day and eleventh overall.  There was one land out, an Air Force ship landed at Lincoln Station.  Lincoln station is a land out site the Albuquerque Soaring Club has used in the past and we have designated it as being questionable, a designation the Air Force confirmed.


An interesting development is that Mitch Hudson, our sniffer, flew the task as a quest and had the highest score for the day!


In the 15 Meter Class David Leonard (ZL) grabbed the silver ring which not only earned him best for the day but kept him in first for the contest. Second place, for the day, went to Jim Cumiford (RX) who maintained his second place hold on the contest. Cliff Hilty (CH) moved up to fourth overall by taking a third place finish for the day.


After everyone made it back, the group found their way to the keg where the day was promptly reflown.   Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Posted: 6/20/2014


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