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Region 9 - REGION NINE CONTEST-18 June

Wednesday, June 18, what could have been day two.  Yep, another weather day…winds.  Once again Mike Stringfellow warned us that winds very well could be a factor and you know what?  He was right!!!  Once again winds rose after mid morning to 32 to 36 kts, this around grid time.  Well the Region Nine guys did what they are getting good at and that is sit, watch and second guess.  After about two and a half hours on the grid…the dreaded call was made. Cancelled, followed by the announcement of tomorrow looks like a better day.


Brian Resor, the Albuquerque Soaring Club weather guru did some research and found that the winds we are experiencing right now are the worst winds for this time of year since 1989!!! Great!

Posted: 6/20/2014


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