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Tuesday, June 17, began with a great looking sky and calm winds...we were going to have our first contest day.  Mike Stringfellow, our weather expert called for some strong winds, and the gods didn’t disappoint him as they began their march from calm to breezy to gale.  Mike also called for some isolated rain showers but overall it looked like a good soaring day, if only the winds held.  And so, armed with a favorable forecast…we formed a grid. 

The task was a South Start, a run to Cochiti Dam and a twenty mile circle, over to Clines Corner (15 mile circle) down to Gallinas Peak (20 mile circle) and then home. 

The launch was smooth, winds held just below limits, with all planes getting airborne, 26 gliders, and formed up in four basic thermals when the various gates opened.  Simultaneous with gate openings the sky began to “build” and show ominous signs of things to come. Meanwhile down on the course, half the gliders were charging towards Cochiti Dam and several others were hanging around waiting to see if a clear cut path to the Dam was going to present itself.  Well, it didn’t and the land out parade began. 

This author stated we launched twenty six planes and nine ended up landing out.  It always happens during multiple land outs is they all drop out of the sky at the same time.  Needless to say our retrieve office folks were busy as a “one armed”…oh you know the rest of the saying.


So how did the day work out? Of the seven aircraft in the 15 meter class, only four were able to grab some points.  Steve Koener, (GW), was the receiver of the most points with 505. (See the attached score sheets.) Jim Cumiford (RX) was second and David Leonard (ZL) came in third. The 15 meters had one land out.


In the Sports Class, Bob Faris (CX) was able to earn 725 points for a first place. In second was the Air Force’s Tood Salwedel, (5AF) and Eric Redweik (SW) took the third position.  Fourteen pilots took to the air and six landed out with two not scoring any points.


Our Standard Class has only five entrants and this class had no landouts.  In fact four of the five didn’t even score any points for the day, but they all managed to land back at Moriarty. However Randy Acree (AV8) flew the entire route and using winscore scored a perfect 1000 points.


All in all we did get a contest day in but it was a day when a lot of pilots worked hard and received very little reward for their efforts.  Wednesday’s forecast looks promising.

Posted: 6/20/2014


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