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18 Meter Nationals - CD Wrapup

The 2014 18M Class National is now history.  We presented the awards this moring at a breakfast banquet at the Carson Valley Inn. Doug Jacobs takes home the Spratt Trophy.

I have really enjoyed the time in Minden. The local organziation is a hat trick of welcome and support.

First is proactive glider-enthusiastic airport management led by Bobbi Thompson.  (Mountain) Mike Harbison kept everything running smoothly on the ground, as we danced with a jet firebomber certification doing drops along the runway and military contractors supporting the Marine training to the south with L-39s.

Bobbi is looking forward to supporting more and bigger glider events at Minden.

Next is Laurie Harden and the entire staff of SoaringNV. They provide excellent infrastructure and friendly assistance.

Last (really first) is Reeba Coombs and the group of volunteers she put together to run the contest and make it a first class experience. Charity begins at home and she unselfishly offered up her husband Alan to handle weighing (assisted by Karol Hines).

On my first trip to Minden two years ago to CD the Open Nationals, the late Doug Armstrong took me under his wing and I am sure was doing his part from above to help us get through a really varied contest.  

I couldn't have done my job as CD without the expert help of Dan Gudgel on weather. I don't recall if he had hair at the start of the contest, but it was all gone by the end as his scratched and pulled to figure out what Mother Nature was throwing at us (a very untypical two weeks for Minden).

My advisors (Rick Indebro, Pete Alexander and Tim Gardner) did their best to keep me within sight of the centerline on task calling.

Also many thanks to Stu Tattersall for getting task sheets done swiftly, scores up in real time and solving numerous challanges with tracking.

Minden is first class site with first class people and operations.  Can't wait till the next one.

John Godfrey (QT)

Posted: 6/20/2014


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