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Region 6 South - Day 4 - No Contest Day

Yesterday's MAT turned out to be difficult to score as there were numerous changes to the turnpoints being claimed. When all was finally said and done, John Lubon (JL) won the day with a handicapped distance of77.45 miles and a spped of 34.33 MPH. John Cotter (4X) was the fastest for the day at 35.89 MPH over 74.13 miles. David MacKenzie covered the most distance, 112.52 miles, but was under minimum time and was third for the day.

So the overall standings are John Lubon (JL) first, John Cotter (4X) second, and Gerald Simpson (PV) third.

Today's forecast was for overcast skies in the morning with a small window of opportunity possible in the afternoon, but also a chance of thunderstorms. CD Mike Hutchison called the day at the pilots meeting and as I'm sitting here at 5PM, the thunderstorms have been rolling through for the last several hours. there were several hours of sunshine and severe heat and humidity since there was no wind. there was however no chance for getting in a task. Tomorrow's forecast is difficult to predict since the fronts are rolling through and the predictions seem to change almost hourly.


Posted: 6/19/2014


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