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Region 2 North - No Contest Day

It was announced at the pilot's meeting this morning that we would have a Rest Day.

The decision was made considering three factors:

- Less than ideal weather forecast for today

- The fact that we have flown for five days straight in hot weather.

- Promising soaring forecast for Friday and Saturday

There were no protests about the decision and the pilots meeting became a lengthy discussion about ridge flying and the problems and strategies created by yesterday's weakening ridge situation.

For my part: After towing half the fleet through some fairly tough crosswind takeoffs and watching gliders zoom back and forth on the ridge, I was unpleasantly suprised to find very weak ridge lift by the time I got up with my student in the ASK-21. We watched the other gliders drift lower and lower while many others stopped to circle in any thermals they could find. Needless to say, we were very happy just to make it around the course after our late start!

Yesterday was also Daniel Yates' 25th Birthday. Daniel is our IA/A&P Mechanic, as well as tow pilot and commercial airplane & glider pilot. He has been working overtime to keep everything running during the contest and stepped in as tow pilot yesterday during the gusty conditions. We lured him into the pilot's meeting this morning with the message that there was yet another "maintenance issue" and suprised him with a loud "Happy Birthday!" and round of applause. Thanks for all of the hard work!

- Warren Cramer

Posted: 6/19/2014


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