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Region 6 South - Day 3 - Contest Day 2

The day started with clear sunshine and turned into a mostly cu filled day. There were still some surprises under the cu and we had a number of relights.

At the pilots meeting the weather forecast was for 3 to 4 knot thermals to between 4000 and 5000 feet MSL. Winds aloft might still be a challenge but were scheduled to slow later in the afternoon. Depending on frontal movement, there was also a chance of thunderstorms late in the day. To provide maximum flexibility, CD Hutch called a no turn MAT for 2 hours.

The sniffer was launched about 1215 but had to relight. After a while he was able to stick and climb and the launch commenced. Some contestants started right away while others waited for conditions to improve.

With a MAT, the scorer has a lot of work to do to validate flights and at the time I left the field, there was no indication yet of whether we had a contest day or not.  Will let you know in the morning.


Posted: 6/18/2014


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