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Region 6 South - Day 2 - Contest Day 1

The weather report looked optomistic with the deciding factor being winds aloft. Hutch called a 2 hour MAT with Middletown, Hook as the first and only defined turnpoint. with everyone on the grid at Noon, a sniffer was sent up shortly thereafter. He was able to hold but not climb for about a half hour and eventually had to relight. The launch started at 1 PM with several relights while others were able to get away quickly.

Winds aloft were strangely different since reports from Hook indicated 28 knot winds while only 15 miles away they were as low as 15 Knots. the preliminary results showed John Lubon (JL) winning the day with an actual speed of 41.67 miles per hour over 83 miles. Second was John Mittell (BZ) at a spped of 34.8 mph and John Cotter (4X) third and an actual spped of 26.07 mph.

Tomorrow looks like more of the same.


Posted: 6/17/2014


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